Easter 2020 - A Sweet Selah Day Challenge

The Paradox of Life from Death ... A guided Sweet Selah Day
THE CHALLENGE: Spend at least 3 hours alone with God, reflecting on the life and death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior and how He calls us to death and then brings resurrection as well. Meet with Him sometime in the month of April.
WHEN YOU CAN'T GO OUT IN PUBLIC DUE TO A PANDEMIC: Here are some suggestions on how to find that quiet space to meet with God: 1) Just one day, set your alarm for 4am. Tiptoe out of bed and make yourself a strong cup of coffee or tea. Turn on a soft lamp, curl up in a favorite chair, and meet with God until someone in the household wakes up and needs you. 2) Kiss everyone goodnight and then just don't go to bed. Stay up and meet with your Lord for an extra 2-3 hours, soaking in the late night stillness and seeking Him and His heart for you. 3) Make arrangements with another adult in the house, if you have one, to watch the children, if you have children, so you can spend the time alone with God. 4) If you are not restricted to your home, and you are able to find childcare if necessary, consider a picnic in your car looking at a beautiful spot, music playing, windows open if the weather allows, you and God in the beautiful world He has created. Take a solitary walk, bringing your cell phone in case of need ... and keep 6 feet away from fellow walkers.  5) Pray for inspiration for how to meet with God - He will show you the time and place and oh friend! You will be SO glad you stopped and met with Him.
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  1. Pam Imig says:

    Dear Sharon,
    I will be joining you on this and I am looking forward to hearing from our Lord!

    • Sharon Gamble says:

      Oh Pam, so glad you will be joining in this! Send me your date for your Sweet Selah Day if you know it and I will gladly pray for you that morning, that your time with the Father will be rich and beautiful. Love you, Sharon

  2. Carol says:

    Hello my friend! I will be joining April 2nd for my Sweet Selah Escape with Jesus Day. I look forward to hearing from our creator! Blessings to all, Carol

    • Sharon Gamble says:

      Dear Carol, I have written your name down and will pray for you on April 2nd specifically. May God bless you abundantly as you meet with Him ... and may He guard that day so it stays FREE!! Love you, Sharon

  3. Nicole says:

    I’m so excited to do this again! I’ll plan on my Sweet Selah Day for April 4th 💗
    Thanks for putting this together for us all!

    • Sharon Gamble says:

      Nicole ... SO excited you will be doing this. I have you down for April 4, and I'll be praying for the sweetest of times with Jesus. Love you!!

  4. Terri Brewer says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Thank you for this challenge. I have planned my "Time Alone with God" and placed it on the calendar for this Friday, April 3. I wish to start the month off right!
    Love you!

    • Sharon Gamble says:

      SO excited for you, Terri! I just finished the study, today. God met me and I pray He meets you in an extraordinary way, friend.

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