The Sweet Selah Ministries Team

Meet the Team


Anne Alix joins our team as our event coordinator, bringing with her an eye for detail and fantastic organization skills. She’s hard at work at the moment planning our first Sweet Selah Ministries retreat scheduled for September 2023. We are so grateful for Anne’s willingness to tackle such a huge project that will hopefully bring together over 200 women who value time alone with God and who want to learn more about how to rest in Him even in this chaotic and challenging time in history. God brought Anne to us just when we needed her most and we are so grateful for her diligence and commitment to excellence. Stay tuned for more about the retreat, as well, in the days ahead.


Annetta Works-Salley is our prayer call manager. Four times a year, we meet by phone with others who long for a resurgence in the practice of a daily quiet time with God. We call these Selah Prayer Moment calls. We pray that our slogan, taking time to know God and love Him more and more, will become a reality in women’s lives across our nation. Annetta is blessed to come from a mighty line of praying women. Her love for the Lord and her passion for prayer is wonderful. Thank you, Annetta, for serving the ministry in this way.




Bonnie Kretchman is our publicity and contracts manager. She fields calls from those inquiring about talks and events and makes arrangements that fit within budget and time constraints. She also actively seeks out opportunities for us to share the Sweet Selah message. In addition, Bonnie is a great help in frequently driving Sharon to and from events. What a blessing she is.




Carrie Sholes is our Twitter and Instagram manager. She creates hashtags like #sweetselahmovement and #sweetselahjourney to ensure that our graphic quotes and blogs draw social media attention. It’s a six-day-a-week job to keep up, and we are very grateful for her diligence.




Debbie Allen is our shop site co-manager. Along with Denise Nelson, she shops for products imprinted with meaningful words or verses that encourage women to stop and take time away with God. From mugs and pictures to journals, pens, Bible covers, and Sweet Selah bags, Debbie finds the best products available. She and Denise make sure that everything we sell fits with our mission and vision—calling women to quiet time with God. Check out our products at the SHOP tab on this website—and thank you, Debbie, for making this possible.




Denise Nelson is our shop site co-manager and secretary. Denise works with Debbie in all the responsibilities listed above, selecting wonderful gift items that reflect our mission and vision. In addition, Denise assists Sharon as secretary, readily available to purchase greeting cards, edit our podcast transcripts, create an excel spreadsheet, or perform a multitude of other office tasks with diligence and accuracy. Thank you, Denise!




Donna Perkins is one of our blog writers. She brings her gentle and often humorous voice to our Monday Musings with a wealth of experience in walking with God in the hard times as well as the good ones. Her heart is to unpack Biblical truths in applicable ways. Thank you, Donna, for sharing from your heart the lessons God has taught you over the many years you have done life with Him guiding and directing your path.



Jan Peck is our editor. She works from a distance, keeping in close touch via email and phone. Jan checks for spelling, grammar, and phrasing to ensure our written material is of the highest quality. In addition, she collaborates with Sharon in making sure our content is biblically sound. Jan also has the formidable task of editing Sharon’s books. We are grateful for Jan’s eye for detail.



Jennifer Rogers is our technical assistant. She works on maintaining and updating our website, keeping us current with the newest ways to share with you. She also worked with Lois to get our ministry app up and running. We are so grateful for her love for the Lord and “selah times” as well as her experience and technical expertise for a lot of behind-the-scenes work that needs to happen for us to share our message effectively. Hooray for Jenn!




Jenny Cardinal is our finance manager. She keeps accurate records of all our receipts and purchases and pays our bills. Jenny creates quarterly statements for our donor base and maintains our savings and checking accounts. Jenny also reports to our board treasurer, guaranteeing double accountability with our finances to maintain the highest degree of integrity as a nonprofit organization. We are grateful for her diligence.




Karen Barner is our graphic designer. She brings years of experience in creative design to our team. Among other tasks, Karen creates the graphics that feature our quotes of the day. We are blessed to have her on board. We thank God for the excellent service of our two previous designers, Kathryn Bailey and Marie Chanowitz. Many of the wonderful graphics you still see on Facebook and our website are from these fine artists.




Kassy Flagg is our Pinterest manager. Kassy has long been a follower of Sweet Selah Ministries and learned our 4R method from Sharon years before the ministry began. Her love of photos—and Pinterest as a shopper—make her ideally qualified for her new role, managing the business side of Pinterest for us. Her love for the Lord and understanding of the importance of daily times with Him make her a wonderful and passionate addition to our team. Thank you, Kassy! Check us out on Pinterest.



Kate Miller, an experienced actress and speaker, is one of our Tuesday Talk speakers. She loves the Word of God, and has years of experience teaching it through Community Bible Study. Her marvelous voice, combined with refreshing honesty and passion for the Lord, make her a wonderful addition to our Tuesday Talk speakers. In addition, you may see Kate at some of our events, doing monologues and skits to add to the message and bring it to life. We are so blessed to have a sister in Christ of her talents on our team. Kate is thrilled to be able to use these talents for His glory.





Lois Wolter is our website manager and technical advisor. She played a huge role in launching Sweet Selah Ministries along with Sharon in 2017. Lois developed our website with the assistance of wonderful graphic designer, Kara May LaPierre. Lois maintains our web pages, creates and manages our email lists, and answers thousands of questions from Sharon on all things technical. We literally could not have started this ministry without her. Thank you, Lois!



Marlene McKenna is one of our blog writers. She also has a blog of her own entitled HavHope—and that sums her up quite well. Marlene loves to bring hope to those who feel broken and lost. Her writing is honest, personal, and full of Biblical truths. In fact, that’s one of Marlene’s passions. She wants us to identify the lies we often believe about ourselves and replace them with God’s truths. You will be blessed as you read Marlene’s contributions once a month in our Monday Musings. We are so thankful to have her competent, kind voice join our writers. Thank you, Marlene.




Meaghan Schoff is our office manager, and her duties are plentiful! Meaghan posts our graphics, keeps track of inventory, organizes retreat folders, and so much more. In addition, she helps Sharon keep her office tidy. We are so grateful for her cheery, organized self. Meaghan comes to us with a background in administrative work. Her arrival has been timely, as our office has grown beyond the ability of one person to manage. Thank you, Meaghan, for taking on this diverse role!



Melissa Price is our Bible study moderator. She assists Sharon in monitoring comments on our online Facebook Bible studies and has sole responsibility for moderating our studies on our app. Melissa welcomes each participant, helps them find their way around the app, and replies to them with her comments each day. A natural writer, Melissa is so kind and encouraging. She’s the perfect fit for this position, and we are so thankful to God for her. Would you like to join our app? It’s a secure way to do Bible studies and see all our encouragements in one place with a sweet community of women. Join us!




Nicole Olstad is our podcast co-host with Sharon. Nicole is the only team member who came on board initially with no specific task or title. Both Sharon and Nicole felt a prompting from the Holy Spirit that she should join. Some time later when the possibility of a podcast was discussed, God’s guiding became evident that Nicole was His choice to help launch and co-host our podcasts. Check out The Sweet Selah Moments Podcast. Nicole and Sharon are experiencing great joy producing them with WORD Radio, our partner in this endeavor, and we rejoice that God had an assignment for Nicole all along!




Sharon Gamble is the founder and director of Sweet Selah Ministries. God called her to the joyful task of encouraging women to stop and spend time with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, no matter how busy their lives seemed. Through writing and speaking, Sharon spreads this message of soul rest. Writing includes blogs, Bible studies, social media, and books; speaking includes conferences, retreats, and day events. She freely admits that none of this would be possible without the help of this amazing team. Thank you, Sharon, for answering God’s call and for bringing together such a fine, godly team of women.