Sweet Selah Talks

Check out the topics below, and see which one would
best fit the needs of your group.

With enough notice, Sharon is always excited to dig
into God's Word, study,
and speak on other topics, too.
Just suggest one!






Pray Anyway
What happens when you pray with all your strength and every bit of faith you can muster, and God does not answer as you asked? Sharon addresses the hard questions that come when it feels like God is not hearing the cries of your heart. Why should you "pray anyway"? You will come away with a fresh love for the God who cares and who hears—even when your heart is breaking.



Grace Moments

We all want grace. When we mess up or are abrupt with people, we hope they’ll be kind about it and just love us anyways, right? However, extending grace is a little bit harder. Join Sharon as she encourages each of us to extend grace to those God places in our lives – even the ones that can really raise our blood pressure. Hear the stories, examine God’s Word, and celebrate the tremendous gift of grace as we experience some “Grace Moments” together.



Cultivating a Grateful Heart
Just like it takes time to turn a wild patch of land into a beautiful garden, it takes time to develop and maintain an "attitude of gratitude."





Prayer: A Living Legacy for Your Children
You will be challenged and inspired to consistently pray for your children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, students and strangers.





Sweet Selah
Do you long to cultivate a closer relationship with the One who loves you best? From her own journey, Sharon shares insight and doable ways you can fit quiet time with the Lord into your life.






At His Feet
This is a study about Mary of Bethany. Three times in Scripture we find her sitting at Jesus’ feet. Sharon gives you a closer look at the very different circumstances that bring Mary to each place of surrender and humility and draws practical application for your life as a woman in a hectic and sometimes sorrowful world.




Fruitful Living

Study John 15 with Sharon and discover how staying attached to the Vine, being pruned by the Gardener, and receiving His care can give us a fruitful life.





In Step with the Spirit

How do we walk WITH the Lord in our daily lives, staying on the path He has marked out for us? This talk, using STEP as a guide, will encourage you as you seek to walk with God each day.





Day Speaking Fees

We love to speak at churches and organizations sharing God’s Word and encouraging women to draw near to Him. Because of the time and expense required for Sharon to prepare talks, print and collate outlines and other resources for each attendee, as well as travel to events, we do charge a speaker fee.

In general, the base fee is $200 for one talk and between $300-$700 for a daylong event, depending on the prep work involved. However, if your gathering is small and these fees would be a hardship, do talk with us, and we will see how we can work within your budget.

In addition, we request permission to bring along copies of Sharon’s books and other Sweet Selah merchandise for your attendees to view and perhaps purchase.