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Sweet Selah Ministries Hope List for 2021

Dear Friend,

We are growing! How we thank God that more women are catching the great news that stopping and spending time with the God who loves them is the best equipping for doing life well. With ministry growth has come new needs. This list shares our needs and gives you a peek at what’s going on here at Sweet Selah Ministries. We rely on your support, and we are exceedingly grateful to you.

PODCAST – With God's help, we launched a podcast in April 2020. It's expensive but well worth it as we reach a whole new group of women. Costs include studio fees, as well as charges for various apps that allow us to access our audience. We will also need to expand our website to include podcast show notes and to archive the podcasts.

EMAIL – We need to change our email server. Too many followers are not receiving our weekly emails. Changing to MailChimp or another well-known server will be more expensive than our current server.

EQUIPMENT – Sharon's laptop is now almost 5 years old. We'd like to buy her a new one, and give her old one to our new Office Manager, Meaghan. We will need to purchase Office 365 as well as other tools to keep up with our growing ministry needs.

OFFICE HELP – As we grow, we recognize the need to have some part-time paid staff to help us. We'd love to be able to compensate several volunteers who are working many hours to help us.

PUBLICITY – We’d love to advertise our ministry. Will you help us in this endeavor?

MONTHLY DONORS – Our prayer for 2021: DOUBLE THE DONORS!! We are looking for double our current number of monthly donors so that we have an income base that can be counted on each year. Could this be … you? Even a small amount each month would lend stability to our ministry as we grow. We are so excited to share God’s Word with women all over the world and to encourage people to actually stop and spend time with God. This is a much-needed message. Would you partner with us in sharing it?

Should you wish to receive specific costs related to any of our wishes, please email Sharon at or Jenny Cardinal at



Through our website. Our secure online partner, Cornerstone Payment Systems, handles monthly donations as well as one-time donations, both by credit card. Just click on the “Donations” button above.

Through our Finance Manager, Jenny Cardinal. Contact Jenny to arrange for monthly bank checks to be sent to us. She can be reached at

Through US Mail. You can write us directly—we love notes and letters! We would welcome any little checks you tuck in. Mail to: Sharon Gamble, Sweet Selah Ministries,
4 Riverdale Avenue, Dover, NH 03820.


Big or small, each donation blesses all of us who labor on behalf of this ministry.
Each donation confirms what we love to share—that studying the Word
and spending time with God in prayer are worthy pursuits.
We love our donors! God bless you! From the Sweet Selah Team

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  1. Ralph and Donna Perkins says:

    Dear Sharon, I know that God will bless your ministry. We're committing $20 each month by check for 2018 to help support you. Love and God's blessings, Ralph and Donna.

    • Sharon Gamble says:

      Dear Ralph and Donna,

      You are the very first monthly supporters of Sweet Selah Ministries, and my heart is full with gratitude for your faithful prayers and support. Thank you so much. It's a real gift to have monthly support. Money we can "count on." Love you two!! Sharon

  2. Barbara Hunter says:

    Sharon, What a joy to spend a time of retreat with Sweet Selah! May God continue to bless this ministry and draw near to you as you guide others to draw near to HIM. God Bless, Barbara

    • Sharon Gamble says:

      Thank you, Barbara! Joy is definitely the right word. What a lovely time!! May the "joy of the Lord" be your strength in the year ahead!

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