A Sweet Selah Day is a day—or part of a day—set apart to meet with God. It’s an intentional setting aside of our normal agenda and all our activities and “making a date” to meet with Him. Just like we meet with an old friend, writing the plans on our calendars and setting aside time to catch up, it’s good to do the same with the One who loves us most of all. In fact, His greatest commandment is to love Him. When you love someone, you spend time with them.

On a normal day, even if we fit in a quiet time with God, our time with Him and the Word is limited. On a Sweet Selah Day, we take our time. We can pray in depth. We can read His Word and ponder. We can study other books written by Christians who have gone before us and can teach us. We can take a walk and marvel at God’s creation. We can rest. Whether you set aside two hours or ten ... this “time sacrifice” given to meet with your God will richly bless you, will tune your heart to love and your ears to listen to His voice. Enjoy and savor being with the Lover of Your Soul. Read below for instructions on preparing for your day, and then either scroll down or look to your right if you’re using a laptop. You will see lots of different suggestions for how to fill your day with study of God’s Word. Each study has been designed to help you spend an intentional, meaningful day with your God and Creator. May God bless you and meet with you in extraordinary ways!

Preparing for a Sweet Selah Day

1) Write it Down. Choose what day of the month you will meet with God and write it on your calendar. If you work from home, or work part-time, choose a consistent day like the first Friday of every month as your Sweet Selah Day. If you work full-time, choose a half-day on the weekend. Commit to this day like you would to a day with a best friend. Only cancel in emergencies and immediately find another date if you have to cancel—and write it down again. This is a real commitment with a real Person.

2) Prepare your Bag. Create a bag that is always at the ready for your Sweet Selah Day. Put the following items in the bag and leave them there. Then, all you have to do on your day is pick up the bag and go.

  • Bible. Do you have more than one Bible in your home? If so, choose one (or two) you seldom use for your everyday reading or your church reading. Put this one in the bag and make it your permanent Sweet Selah Day Bible. I chose a study Bible for my Sweet Selah Days. It’s packed with study notes and word definitions that are perfect for longer periods of study. If you have just one Bible, thank God. Many Christians around the world long to own a Bible. You will simply need to add this Bible to your bag before you leave for your monthly Sweet Selah Day.
  • Journal. Select a notebook or journal that will be exclusively used on this once-a-month Sweet Selah Day.
  • Pens. Yes, pens plural. Place 2-3 pens in your bag to make sure you will have one that works!
  • Books. Choose a couple of good Christian books to read, knowing you may be reading just a chapter or so a month. These should be nonfiction and written to help you know God better or help you better understand a topic like prayer or fasting.
  • Worship Music. Choose some worship CDs that you can listen to on your day away and pop them in your bag. Do you love old hymns? Bring a hymnal.
  • Snacks. Water bottle, granola bar, fruit … little snacks for the day that are easily replaced.
  • Reading glasses. Don’t forget them if you need them.

3) Make arrangements. Do you have small children? Arrange in advance for childcare. Perhaps you can exchange childcare with a friend who would also like a once-a-month Sweet Selah Day? Perhaps this can be a “grandma day” if you are blessed to have one of those lovely ladies close by. Do you have a pet? Arrange for their care in advance if you plan to leave the house. If you choose an at-home time, make sure no one will be around during your sweet day or choose a room in your home where your family knows not to disturb you. See our Easter Challenge page for additional ideas in this time of crisis when we can’t go out in public like we normally do.

4) Pray. Ask God to prepare your heart for your special day alone with Him!