Discovering Selah

How I learned to weave times of rest into the busy fabric of my life

Dear Reader,

This post was originally written two years ago, when I was just beginning to think about starting Sweet Selah Ministries. I am sharing it again right before our ministry takes an annual “Selah month” and rests in July. No new Musings will be posted until August 2018, but I hope you will browse and enjoy some of the archived blogs. I’ve found that taking a chunk of time off each year is a great way to stay fresh and creative in this ministry. A time to “step away” from social media and just be “Sharon” at home with my hubby and my little dog. My team appreciates the time as well, knowing each year that July is a break month. I’m thrilled to share with you how I first came to value rest, when I discovered “Selah.”


“In repentance and rest is your salvation,
in quietness and trust is your strength,
but you would have none of it.”
(Isaiah 30:15b)

Every time I read this verse, memories of my reluctant submission to the concept of “rest” come flooding back to me.

You would have none of it. That had been the convicting part ... that was me. Combine a naturally high energy level with a people-pleaser personality, and what you get is a woman who can’t say no and who doesn’t know when to stop. I gave a passing nod to scriptures that spoke of God’s rest, complained of exhaustion with more than a little bit of pride mixed in, and burned my candle at both ends—with a blowtorch.

At about age forty, it all caught up with me, and I ended up in the hospital suffering from extreme and ongoing insomnia. God had my attention. And that's when He began to teach me “Selah.”

Selah (See-la) is a Hebrew word found in ancient songs and poetry, generally thought to be “a musical interlude; to pause and think about [the words] just said or sung; or to pause and watch for a visual demonstration of what was said or sung.” (

I’ve come to believe that taking time to pause and reflect is essential to fruitful living. When I rest in a time of Selah … life becomes sweet. Since that time of hardship, now years ago, God has taught me rich lessons about the goodness of His rest.

  • His greatest commandment is that we love Him. Not that we do for Him. When I rest and am still, I have the time to whisper to Him, “I love You,” and our relationship grows strong and deep.
  • Stopping to rest is actually energizing. Truly, in quietness and trust is your strength. When I “shut down” and practice quietness, something happens to my body. It is replenished, and I gain new strength. Ready to go again, I accomplish more because I stopped.
  • Bookending my day with Selah time helps my whole day go more smoothly. I start the day by spending quiet time with Jesus, my tea, and my Bible, and end each day with a Christian fiction novel, a warm mug of milk, feet up, and happy.
  • When I stop for a weekly Sabbath rest, I demonstrate my trust in Him. Will everything really get done if I stop working around sundown Saturday until sundown Sunday? Amazingly … yes!
  • Once a month I take a Sweet Selah Day. I might walk by the ocean and admire His handiwork or invest in serious prayer for my family or sing to Him every word of every song on one of my favorite CDs. A day set aside for Him, and, oh, it fills me up and satisfies.

From exhaustion and people pleasing, God brought me to a place of realization that it was more of Him I needed. Through rest, repentance, quietness, and trust I have come to value—and actually love—His command to Selah.

You, dear reader, are invited to join me in this journey toward living well by serving with diligence—but also stopping for sweet Selah times along the way. All of us need to take time to “ponder the pattern our lives are weaving.” (John Baillie)

Heavenly Father, sometimes it is so hard to rest. I feel like I always have too much to do. And yet I know You call me to rest. Help me to seek quiet. Protect me from the enemy who would whisper that somehow being still and stopping is wasting time. Help me to see that in being still and knowing You, I find new strength. I want to live differently, Lord. I don’t want to be so busy that I miss You. Help me find the quiet spots, Lord, in the midst of busy days. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

You are loved,



Sweet Selah Ministries

Vision To encourage a movement away from the belief that “busy is better”
and toward the truth that stillness and knowing God matter most—
and will be reflected in more effective work and service

To offer resources and retreats that help women pause (Selah)
and love God more deeply as they know Him more intimately (Sweet)

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2 Responses to “Discovering Selah”

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  1. Sarah Levasseur says:

    Please help me brainstorm ways to Selah in the midst of a crazy family life!

    I do start each morning with God, sometimes more peaceful than others depending on what "urgencies" crop up for 1 or more of the 4 kids. I'm newly in this season of mothering...a 3 yo, a school-age child, and 2 early teens...and managing our lives has become more hectic and challenging. (And no, we don't say "yes" to everything, not activities for me nor activities for the kids.)

    • Sharon Gamble says:

      Hi Sarah,

      SUCH a good question. It's not easy, is it? A couple of things I did when my children were little: First, they all knew when it was my quiet time. I put on Mr. Rogers for them (boy does that show my age!!) and they got the half hour show while Mommy spent time with Jesus. They came to understand just how important God was to me. And they really liked watching that half hour show, because I didn't allow much TV!! Another thing I did was trade houses with a friend once a month. She'd come to my house with her kids and watch mine and hers while I "ran away" to her house where I had extended quiet time with God. Then, we reversed it so she could have that extended time, too. It was tempting to run errands and such, but we both "behaved" and just spent sweet alone time with the Savior. Because it was someone else's home ... we felt no urge to clean much either. Ha! If you'd like more ideas, email me at and I'll send you some more. <3

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