Welcome to our June 1-30, 2023 online Bible Study! You can read along each day quietly at home, or you can participate by commenting on the day's lessons. Click here for a copy of the lessons.  We are SO glad you have decided to study with us. Here's how we do our studies:

  1. Read the passage listed for the day in your Bible, following our 4R Method of study:
  • REQUEST: Start with a short prayer, asking for God to open your eyes to what He wants to show you in the passage
  • READ: Read through the passage a couple of times.
  • RECORD: Choose one verse that stands out and write it out in a journal, meditating on it further as you copy it down.
  • RESPOND: Write a short prayer, talking to God about that verse and what He's shown you.

2. Now you can check out Sharon's commentary for the day, once you've met with the Lord first yourself. You will find the commentaries either to the right if you are on a computer or by scrolling down if you are on your mobile phone. Sharon will share with you her verse and response each day as well.

3. If you wish, you can respond in the comments by sharing your verse and response. We love it when you comment! It's always wonderful to read what others have discovered.

May God bless your time in Isaiah this month. Write us and tell us how it's going: sharon@sweetselah.org is the email address for correspondence. Happy studying!!