September 15 - 17, 2023 Geneva Point Center in Moultonborough, NH



Welcome, friend! We are so glad you are considering registering for our REFUGE 2023 Retreat. You will find all you need on these pages. You’ll start with a simple registration form. That part of your registration, $55, covers our costs for flying speakers here, and renting rooms for meetings at the retreat center.

After that, you will be given a link to the retreat center itself to book room and meals. You can choose accommodations in a cabin shared with others for as little as $145. That covers all your meals and sleeping arrangements for the entire conference. That’s right. You can spend under $200 and enjoy this amazing retreat, thanks to fundraising efforts we initiated to keep costs down. We want this retreat to be affordable for all.

If you prefer something nicer than a cabin shared with others, you can purchase rooms that are double or even single occupancy. Feel free to click on our links or go straight to the registration link. You can stop at any time in the registration process, too, if you want to ponder some more. DO register soon, however, we are filling up and the best spots are going to be taken the soonest. Can’t wait to see you in September! Love, The Sweet Selah Team





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