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If you are new to our 4R Method make sure you check out our 4R video post. You will also find an introductory video to watch before each week of lessons. Your daily lesson posts start June 1st with commentary on what you read. After you have done the work for the day in your own journal, check in whenever you like. Comments are welcomed and appreciated. The posts will appear to your right on a computer screen. If you are on a mobile phone, simply scroll down to find them. Can't wait to begin. Let's start with an introduction.

Introduction to our Study:

Perhaps it’s because I love words so much that I chose passages of Scripture for our online study that are rich in imagery and description. Maybe part of it was just wanting to dive deep into some of the most majestic passages of the Bible. I’m sure my motives were mixed! But the best and deepest reason I wanted us to study these passages was to know God more intimately. That’s our goal here at Sweet Selah Ministries. The God we love and serve is SO big and so grand that we could spend a lifetime studying His living Word and still find more treasures in our oldest age. He’s that amazing. And our study in June is going to focus on God Himself. Who He is and why He is worthy of our worship and our adoration. The poetry sections don’t rhyme, of course. Some of them do in Hebrew, but none of them do in our English translations. But poetry doesn’t have to rhyme. Poetry stirs emotions and evokes images that tingle our spines and make us “see” in deeper ways. The passages we read are going to do that for us. The prayers are going to give us windows into the souls of other saints who have gone before us. They’ll teach us more about how to communicate and enjoy deep relationship with the God who loves us and tells us we are His very own children. Oh, I am excited at what lies ahead, friend. So glad you are joining us on this journey of knowing God better and loving Him more and more. Love and Blessings, Sharon