Welcome! We are excited to unveil a brand new Bible study for the month of December! Marlene will be leading us through the first eleven chapters of the Gospel of Matthew, where we will focus on Jesus: Our Savior and King! All you will need for this study is a Bible, a pen, and a journal. Well. Also, a willing heart to learn and grow as we read the Word together! <3 You can click here for a downloadable copy of our Daily Reading List. Or ... you can check out our weekly graphics that will list your reading. You will find them on the side bar if you are working from a computer. If you are on a mobile phone, just keep scrolling down to discover each reading.

This study is interactive. We hope you will share your thoughts, your favorite verse each day, and comments. However, the sharing is optional. Whether you share or simply do the study on your own, we are SO glad you joined us! May God bless and encourage you through this time of fellowship with Him as you study the life of Jesus, our Savior and our King!