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VALENTINES FROM GOD. February 28, 2019:

We hope you have SEEN what great love the Father has lavished on you this month through our Valentines from God series! When we come to Him and ask to be His, He makes us His children. That close. That dear to Him.

One more time ... YOU ARE LOVED. 

VALENTINES FROM GOD. February 27, 2019:

No tear falls that God does not notice and record and collect. He knows. He cares. You are loved. 

VALENTINES FROM GOD. February 26, 2019:

No matter how provoking and irritating we might be, our God abounds in love and faithfulness and is slow to anger. We don't deserve that kind of compassion and grace. But He gives it. (Thank You, Lord, for Your great and patient love!)

VALENTINES FROM GOD. February 25, 2019:

He tramples our sins and throws them into the depths. He has compassion on us, despite our waywardness. We are loved.  Check out our Musings blog, today, to ponder further. His Love Rescues

VALENTINES FROM GOD. February 24, 2019:

God's love lasts forever. You are forever loved. 

VALENTINES FROM GOD. February 23, 2019:

His love does not depend on ours.

VALENTINES FROM GOD. February 22, 2019:

New every morning, dear one. "The Christian life is a series of new beginnings." My former pastor used to say that and I've always loved that thought. Every time we come to surrender anew, confessing sin, and asking for cleansing, He gives us a fresh new start.

Happy new morning! You are loved. 

VALENTINES FROM GOD. February 21, 2019:

Everlasting is a very long time. You are loved. 

VALENTINES FROM GOD. February 20, 2019:

Think about the cost. The love. Trust Him.

VALENTINES FROM GOD. February 19, 2019:

Yes. I do, indeed, pray this ... for you.

VALENTINES FROM GOD. February 18, 2019:

Some people have a very hard time thinking of God as a Father. Their own human fathers were badly flawed and the very thought of the word "father" is painful due to their woundings.

And yet God is unlike a human father. He is the father we all want to have. Perfect. If you struggle to think of Him using the word, "father," think of Him as Abba. For our God allows us to use that tender term of closeness when we think of Him - the Abba-Father who always has time for His children ... loves them, protects them, helps them, teaches them, disciplines them in love and not rage. Oh, we are loved! 

PS - Check out today's Musings. It's all about God as our Abba-Father.

VALENTINES FROM GOD. February 17, 2019:

He comforts. He loves us. 

VALENTINES FROM GOD. February 16, 2019:

Just in case you thought there was an exception clause ... nope. There isn't.


VALENTINES FROM GOD. February 15, 2019:

He doesn't just give us life ... He gives us a full and abundant life as we walk, hand in hand, with Him. He loves us. 


VALENTINES FROM GOD. February 13, 2019:

You know what happens when you realize you've messed up and you turn away from your sin and toward God again? He doesn't give you a lecture. He doesn't wait until you've groveled. He isn't a reluctant forgiver. No.

God runs. He runs toward you as you stumble toward Him. He holds you close to Himself and He kisses you. Yes, He does. He kisses the one fresh from eating pig slop, ragged and dirty and barely turned around. He welcomes us back.

We are loved. 

VALENTINES FROM GOD. February 12, 2019:

God, who IS love, never gives up on you. You are loved. 

VALENTINES FROM GOD. February 11, 2019:

It's a Forever Love. A love that pursues us. Read more in today's blog. You are loved. 

VALENTINES FROM GOD. February 10, 2019:

This is the story of His love and how we receive it. He came to save. Not condemn. Rejoice!

VALENTINES FROM GOD. February 9, 2019:

God loves us enough to search for us when we are lost, and joyfully bring us home. We are loved. 

VALENTINES FROM GOD. February 8, 2019:

I John 4:8 tells us God is love. So ... God's love for us is patient. God is kind. You are loved. 

VALENTINES FROM GOD. February 7, 2019:

He never leaves us. Even through the darkest places, He is with us. That's love. 


VALENTINES FROM GOD. February 6, 2019:

You know what He has prepared for us who know Him? This. Joy, Peace. Song. We are loved. 


VALENTINES FROM GOD. February 5, 2019:

God's love is intimate and personal. He not only knows our griefs and sorrows ... He carries them. You are loved. 



VALENTINES FROM GOD. February 4, 2019:

He loves us like a bridegroom loves his bride.  (PS - See today's Musings for more on this remarkable story of God's love told through a real-life love story-parable in the Bible)



VALENTINES FROM GOD. February 3, 2019:

Oh, this is a verse that needs to be read aloud. Rejoice, dear one. He loves you! Note the different ways God loves: He saves. He quiets. He exults. He sings. You are loved.


VALENTINES FROM GOD. February 2, 2019:

Oh, let's just savor this for a moment. God does not love like humans do. His love is not conditional and wavering. God loves with everlasting love. When you receive His gift of salvation and adoption into His family, you are loved forever. 


VALENTINES FROM GOD. February 1, 2019:

Isn't it amazing to realize that Jesus was sent from Heaven by God to the brokenhearted? He was sent to those who hurt. He was also sent to those who have been held captive - who are bound in some way. Are you held captive by fear? By anxiety? Are you bound up in shame or distress? Jesus came to free you, dear one. He came to bind up wounds and give freedom and release. He does this by taking our shame on Himself and paying the price for our follies with His own life. Celebrate this first valentine, today. He came for you.