Welcome to our May 2022 Study!!

Dear friend,

Do you ever feel a bit unloved or unworthy of being loved? Do you ever scratch your head and wonder how God has the patience to continue to forgive you for sins you seem to commit over and over again? Well then. Welcome to the human race! God's love is so astoundingly different from human love that it's hard to comprehend. We are going to look at passages of the Bible this month that hammer home the truth that God's love does not waver like human love. He does not hold grudges or make us grovel before He forgives us. He delights when we turn back to Him. No matter how many times we have to do it. I'm so glad you're here to explore this topic with me! You can find the readings for this month here. Watch for daily updates either by scrolling down on your phone or by looking to the right on your laptop computer. I'll be sharing occasional video chats with you as we study the material as well as daily commentary. Can't wait to begin!

All you need to get started is a Bible, a pen, and a journal. Plan a time of day for your study (which should take about 15 minutes) and plan a place to put your Bible, pen and journal so you are ready to go May 1st, Sunday morning. What a sweet day of the week to begin this study.

We welcome comments, so feel free to comment on any day's assignment. We also would love to know you are following along here, so email me: sharon@sweetselah.org. I'd love to pray for you as you study.