Last Notes to Our Christmas Study Friends

Dear Online Bible Study Friend,
Thank you so much for joining us on this adventure through God's Word! Your comments, your thoughts have enriched us all. And if you were silent, but present, thank you for investing time with us on this journey as well. No matter how you did the study ... the important thing is that you met with God.
Here are some thoughts for what's next:
  • DO make a plan to meet with God tomorrow and start a book of the Bible using the 4 R method or grab a good devotional book that will keep you in His Word. Don't stop meeting with Him, friend! Keep that daily time with Him.
  • IF you are able, consider donating to this ministry and being a part of our team ... dedicated to helping women "selah" - STOP. and find the "sweet" in spending that time with God through His Word and prayer.
  • SHARE our graphics and videos from our Sweet Selah Ministries page and spread the word about our little ministry. Encourage your friends to "like" and "follow" us as well.
  • SIGN UP for our weekly emails, sending Sharon's blog straight to your Inbox. You'll also get a monthly prayer letter and once a year, you'll get a progress report and fundraising letter. To join the email crowd write Sharon and request to join at
  • WATCH for what's next. Every few months, there's another study or another challenge to meet with God on your own. Let's continue to encourage one another to keep doing the most important thing of all: to love God with all our hearts, minds, and strength - and we do that by spending time with the One we love.
God Bless You deeply in the year to come. You are loved! Sharon and the Sweet Selah Ministries team
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  1. Lyn Bullock says:

    Thank you for being our guide through this magnificent love story that spans all of history right back to creation and forward to the hope we have for eternity with Him. I pray for lasting fruit in all of our lives as we go forth to know him better, love him more and to serve him with joy.

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