June 15 Notes

June 15. 2 Chronicles 6:12-42

The Dedication of the Temple. Can you imagine what that magnificent moment must have been like, as thousands of people gathered to marvel at the huge and impressive temple? The size alone would have produced gasps of wonder. Add to that all the gold and detailing that seven years of steady work produced and you have a temple worth gasps of wonder! And then, here comes your king, who put making a home for God before making his own palace home. It would be one of those days that you would recount to your grandchildren in later years, etched on your memory as a "big day."

My verse: 2 Chronicles 6:13b " ... He stood on the platform and then knelt down before the whole assembly of Israel and spread his hands toward heaven."

My response: Lord, Solomon led by example. Thank You for showing this to me. The priests were there, of course, but so was he. And he came to You, Lord, in deep humility. He knelt.  He knelt as a slave would before a master. That prayer posture is a humbling one. It makes us "little" before You. It renders our legs useless for running or walking. It is the position of someone who knows they are small. And so Solomon - king of Israel and creator of a glorious structure that took 7 years to build (I Kings 6:38) - humbled himself and knelt before You. Lord, thank You. I think I should kneel more often. You are worthy of all honor and praise!

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