Wisdom and Folly: Studying Solomon - June 2019

Solomon had it all. A kingdom to rule that was at peace with its neighbors. His father’s blessing on his kingship. Huge amounts of wisdom. Riches and power as well. However, knowing what is right and doing it are two very different things. Let’s learn from both his wisdom and his folly. Let’s remember that he was led astray in his older years. We can be, too. Let’s covenant together to be faithful to God ALL the days of our lives and let’s learn from this greatly blessed, greatly flawed, thoroughly human like the rest of us … man.

Welcome, friend! We will be studying together for the month of June. We will be following two tracks. Solomon’s story will be featured on the weekends. I've chosen passages from the Bible that trace his life from his birth to his death. We'll examine the situations and circumstances that shaped his life and his decision-making. His wisdom will be featured on the weekdays, as we glean from his words in Proverbs, Song of Songs, and Ecclesiastes. He was gifted with great wisdom from the Source of all wisdom, God Himself. Let's learn, shall we?

Look to your right on your computer or scroll down on your phone for the daily articles and instructions you will need for this study. Look for your daily readings by finding the article that says Week One, or Week Two, etcetera as a title. I'll post a little something every day. I always welcome comments here or by email at sharon@sweetselah.org. If you would like to see everything at once, you can download the readings here . Let's pray as we begin, shall we?

Dear Lord, Giver of all Wisdom, teach us this month, please, as we seek to learn more about how to live well in this beautiful world you created. Help us to have open hearts and hearing ears as we open Your Word together. In Jesus' Name, Amen.