Our Last Challenge ... June 28

Well dear ones. We are DONE! I hope you enjoyed pondering the little word "selah" with me this June. I learned SO much! Feel free to comment below or email me, to let me know what you learned: sharon@sweetselah.org.  May God bless you with many wonderful "selah" moments with Him this summer! Love, Sharon Read more »

Challenge for June 27

What are your top five reasons for meeting with God? Email me at sharon@sweetselah.org and share them. I'd love to hear them. I will comment later in the comments below and share mine with you. Enjoy your day, and may your time with God be sweet. Read more »

Challenge for June 26

I've loved repeating my memory verse, Psalm 84:5, over and over these past few days. How about you? Now I need to go give my card to my husband so he can listen to me recite.  Read more »

Challenge for June 25

Yes, today we are sharing what we are learning in whatever study God has led us to, next. I picked back up in Exodus and am catching up with my Scripture Union readings. Here is what I read today: Exodus 13:22 "Neither the pillar of cloud by day nor the pillar of fire by night left its place in front of the people." I loved that God was leading them. By day and by night. Always. That pillar, that represented His leading, was always there. My prayer: "Thank You that You never leave us or forsake us ... even now." Read more »

Discovering Selah

How I learned to weave times of rest into the busy fabric of my life Dear Reader, This post was originally written two years ago, when I was just beginning to think about starting Sweet Selah Ministries. I am sharing it again right before our ministry takes an annual “Selah month” and rests in July. No new Musings will be posted until August 2018, but I hope you will browse and enjoy some of the archived blogs. I’ve found that taking a chunk of time off each year is a great way to stay fresh and creative in this ministry. A time to “step away” from social media and just be “Sharon” at home with my hubby and my little dog. My team appreciates the […] Read more »

Challenge for June 24

A Sweet Selah Day is a day, or part of a day, set apart for you to be with God. My goal is to set aside one day a month for this blessing of time. I love my days with God! I normally spend 5-6 hours in quiet, reading the Word, reading good Christian books, singing along with CDs praise songs, and walking in nature (by the ocean whenever I can!) They are days to decompress. Days set apart for listening and being still. I hope you'll try one. Start with 2-3 hours and expand from there. My next Sweet Selah Day is scheduled for July 3rd. How about you? Have you put a date on your calendar? Oh I hope you DO!! You won't […] Read more »

Challenge for June 23

What's your reading plan now that our reading plan has finished? I'd love to know. I have gone back to the reading plan I use, that takes me through the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice every 5 years. I like the bite-sized chunks. We are currently in Exodus. You can check it out if you are interested here: https://scriptureunion.org/encounters/ Read more »

Challenge for June 22

I had fun reading through my journal, re-visiting all God taught me during these past few weeks. Here is our challenge for today. Look below it for the verse that I have decided to memorize. I'd love to know which verse you chose. Comment and share!       Read more »

Psalm 143. Our Final Psalm in our Study

Well, here we are at the end of our three week challenge. How did you do? Did you find it easy or hard to meet with God each day? If it was difficult, what hindered you? I'd love to hear from you, how you learned and grew ... or even how you struggled. You can write me at sharon@sweetselah.org. Be watching for a daily challenge each day for the next week. I hope they help you continue to love meeting God in His Word each day!!  Enjoy the final video and my thoughts on Psalm 143: Read more »

Psalm 84

Today's psalm is all about the longing to be near the living God. I love the yearning in it. I love the JOY that is shown when God is called our "sun and shield!" Be thankful, as you read this, that if you have received Christ as Savior, you no longer have to go to the temple to meet with Him. He is within you, and you are called His temple. Yes, you. May we always want to be near our God! This is our second to last day of this challenge. Have you been able to study along with me? Email me at sharon@sweetselah.org.  I'd love to know. Read more »